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The Classic at Twin Birch

Celebrating 30 Years of Haflingers

August 15th - 18th, 2024

In August of 1994 Karen and Dirk Young purchased their first Haflinger on a whim at the New York State Fair.  They couldn't have imagined that one impulse purchase would lead to 30 years of wonderful experiences and friendships around the world. The Classic is more than just another horse show; it is a gathering of friends. 

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Entries open May 20th and close August 1st.  Enter by July 1st for early entry discounts!

We have a fantastic line-up of judges from around the world!

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We have three fun-filled nights of festivities for all our horse friends.  Make sure to secure your tickets by July 1st!

Visiting the quaint village of Skaneateles is a real treat that many tourists enjoy.  Be sure to book your accommodation early before rooms sell out!

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The success of an event is only as good as the support it receives.  We invite you to become one of our much appreciated show sponsors. Thank you! 

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