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Show Photos

Rae Lombino of OOAK Imagery is the official

show photographer of The Classic at Twin Birch.


About Rae Lombino

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Rae Lombino is an avid equestrian and photographer/filmmaker located in Pavilion, NY with her 6 horses, 2 dogs, and other pets. Rae competes in cattle sorting and penning as well as working equitation and combined driving. 

Rae found OOAK Imagery in 2015 with her mother, Robin, and the pair have been photographing together since. Combining their love of both horses and photography took their business to a new level. 

Rae particularly loves photographing and videoing driving shows, especially the marathon phase of a combined driving, but loves every opportunity she has to capture the bond between horse and rider or driver. 

How to Purchase Photos

Photos will be available for digital download as well as purchase of hard copies and other items following the completion of the show. Photos will be available for viewing on monitors at the show grounds.


Items that will be available for purchase on OOAK Imagery's website:

• Individual digital download images (social media resolution)- $10 per image

• Photo prints- starting as low as $3 per image (variety of sizes and finishes)

• Mounted art prints- starting at $18 (variety of sizes and finishes)

• Canvases- starting at $72 (variety of sizes)

• Metal prints- starting at $66 (variety of sizes)

• Framed prints- starting at $59 (variety of sizes)

• Photo album/book- starting at $79 (variety of styles/sizes)


Competitor Package:

• Receive all images from the show on flash drive

• 20% off prints/items on website (one time use code)$250

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